Our core service at Treetags is the supply of a comprehensive variety of durable tree name tags (tree tags), descriptive creature tags and story tags. If you don’t find what you need, we can also supply custom tags and labels.

We also offer many tree-related services and you can read more about them here.

Standard Aluminium Tag

Our Products

At Treetags we love trees, which is why our range of products include tree identification, tree tagging, books about trees and advice on any tree topics

Treetags can also advise you on the selection of the correct trees to plant and make suggestions of nurseries that can supply them to you.

Tree Tags

We supply a 0.9mm anodized aluminium or 1.5mm plastic tags. Only the plastic tags can be supplied with rounded corners. The tree name plates are pre-drilled with a green background.

Mature Trees

As tree specialists with many years of experience, we can offer advise on what will work and grow in your area.

Books About Trees

The Tree Spotting series by Sappi is the perfect field guide to assist you in identifying trees. It is also a fantastic source of information on trees in general.

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... and know your favourite indigenous tree's botanical name, it's common name in English, Afrikaans and the local African language...